Saturday, 5 August 2017

Happy Fresh App

Posted by Farah Pinklady at August 05, 2017
Buying groceries could never been so easy peasy...

Groceries shopping could be fun but when you think about the traffic jam, the hot weather (especially in Malaysia) and the difficulties on finding parking spot... you would definitely have a second thought! 

And my oh my...

How awful for a girl like me who seldom workout at the gym to carry all those heavy groceries from the parking to your apartment...ALONE? (this is why I wanna build muscles like Sazali Samad).

Call me a late bloomer or IT unsavvy...
I just discover an app named Happy Fresh on App Store last year and I decided to give it a try.

Well...precisely, not me who were excited to try the app. The app is user-friendly. 

I'm definitely gonna be a regular Happy Fresh app user...I can guarantee that!





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