Monday, 15 June 2015

A necklace and A Card

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I was having my fifth clinic appoinment today due to the nerve infection I had last month. The appoinment was supposed to be at 10am but I managed to make it at 9am due to the staff technical error who called me yesterday to confirm the appoinment.

And today when she was about to blame on me for not picking up her call, I showed her the evidence that I called her back on my phone calls log. I have proof, ok?

After I'm done with the medical treatment, I went to Pappparich for my brunch. And there came an old chinese lady who asked for food. She looked so thin & hungry. 

I pitied her & gave her money to eat. And for returned, she gave me a card and a necklace. I don't know this pendant is real or not but I do appreciate this! Thank you..

Monday, 1 June 2015

CLEO & ZA Beauty Workshop 2015

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I might be too late for posting about this event which was held last month...but, tak kesahla, kan?


Thanks to this vogue sister of mine. Because of her I managed to attend this great event held by CLEO Magazine. Somehow I wished I got invitations as a blogger, but well...I'm not that famous, anyway. So jangan nak perasan ok! Hohoho... 

The workshop was on 30th May 2015 at Connexion @ Nexus, Bangsar South City. Great place for events...I wonder how much CLEO had spent for having this great event at this amazing place! Bravo, CLEO...

The speaker for the event was Madam Megumi Mitsui, who  flew all her way from Japan. Madam Megumi is a Za's Global trainer based in Shiseido Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Goshhh...look at her!!!! she is so pretty & her skin is damn flawless! I wish I can have her skin (envy mode).

 So..this is the itinenary for the programme...


Those were the items used during the workshop. Of course they are all Za's products darlin... Smart way on promoting the products, aite? Hohoho...

Us trying out the Za's True white Essence Lotion. Errrr...but the mask is not included with essence. Too bad...because I find it difficult to find any store that sell such cloth in Malaysia...

It  is so me! I almost asleep during this session. Lol

Before we went home, we received a bag of goodies from CLEO & ZA. Yeaaayyyy... now we gonna have perfect skin like Madam Megumi!

Friday, 1 May 2015

Happy Labour Day 2015

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It's a holiday...YEAAAYYYYY!!!!

Happy Labour Day girls...

How do u celebrate your holiday? Since Malaysia is gonna have the holiday until Monday (together with the Wesak's Day Holiday), I bet many of u girls went back to your hometown...right? Awesome!

Well...I'm celebrating my holiday at home since I'm not feeling well. Lazing around at home with my pyjamas for d whole day will be so relaxing! 


You don't have to put on your makeup and pin your hair. And no perfume's needed tho'!


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