Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Ginger Noi Thai Kitchen, Cyberjaya

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Been walking passed this restaurant a couple of times but never had the opportunity to try it.
Until today...

While shopping for the gardening materials at D'Pulze Shopping Center, we decided to stuffed our hungry tummy with Thai cuisine. And Ginger Noi Thai Kitchen came into our mind. Located at Level UG, this restaurant is decorated in a traditional Thai style and filled with wooden furniture and ornaments.

Talking about the menu...Yeah, there's plenty of delicious foods to  try and the menu shows all those yummy pictures that will make you drool.

We chose: 
  • Coconut Milk Tom Yum Noodle;
  • Spicy Mango Salad;
  • Chicken Green Curry; and
  • Stir Fried Kailan with Garlic.

Overall, the foods are good. How I wish the foods could be a little bit spicy than what I had. We ended up feeling slightly headache after a few hours of dining. Hmmm..I guess there might be an MSG contained that slightly higher than our daily consumption. 

The food portion is quite big..no wonder the the price is above than the average Tom Yum Restaurant, huh?

For you who are in Cyberjaya.. come and check this out!

Ginger Noi Thai Kitchen,
Lvl. UG-20,
D'Pulze Shopping Center,
Persiaran Multimedia,
63000 Cyberjaya, SELANGOR.


Saturday, 12 August 2017

Sunnies For The Nerds

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I started wearing glasses since I was 13 years old. I am the first to wear prescription glasses among my family members. I wasn't happy to wear that! Probably because I felt that wearing glasses was not stylish and it's so embarassing! And it would be a little bit inconvenient to wear glasses if you aare playing sports.

I learnt wearing contact lens when I was in University years (Thanks Sharannah Isabella for teaching me). I think I was 21 years old during that time and it happened in Terengganu. I can say...wearing lens enhance my confident. And it's so fashionable!

As I grew older in today world, nerd fashion  is becoming so lit. Everybody's wearing glasses as an accessories eventhough their eyesight is perfect as a pilot (I wish mine is as perfect as that!). I believe wearing glasses could protect your eyes and sometimes it helps you to cover you up when you are too lazy to put on your makeup!

So, I'm back to my prescription glasses...

But the problem is...how am I gonna wear sunglasses with this prescription glasses? I can turn blind without them!

That disappointment carried me until one day I went to a mall in Cyberjaya and I stopped at Dr. Specs Shop. The store sells varieties of trendy glasses and sunnies at reasonable price. What caught my attention was...they sell clip on polarized sunnies too!

Ahah!!! That's a bonus!

And I left the store with this shades...
Looks like a rayban but actually...it's not!

It doesn't matter anyway...

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Happy Fresh App

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Buying groceries could never been so easy peasy...

Groceries shopping could be fun but when you think about the traffic jam, the hot weather (especially in Malaysia) and the difficulties on finding parking spot... you would definitely have a second thought! 

And my oh my...

How awful for a girl like me who seldom workout at the gym to carry all those heavy groceries from the parking to your apartment...ALONE? (this is why I wanna build muscles like Sazali Samad).

Call me a late bloomer or IT unsavvy...
I just discover an app named Happy Fresh on App Store last year and I decided to give it a try.

Well...precisely, not me who were excited to try the app. The app is user-friendly. 

I'm definitely gonna be a regular Happy Fresh app user...I can guarantee that!




Wednesday, 15 March 2017

EH! x LÓccitane Workshop 2017

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Hello lovelies!

Last Saturday (11th March 2017), I was invited to the EH! x LÓccitane Malaysia Workshop 2017 in Connexion, Bangsar.

Wow..I considered myself as lucky as Britney Spears to get the chance to attend such an informative workshop. The EH! Magazine invited Ms. Jenny Yap, the L'Occitane training manager who flew all the way from Singapore just to brief us on the L'Occitane new Reine Blanche range.

I'm a L'Occitane user but only on body range. Never tried any LÓccitane facial range before but I bet the facial range won't be depressing cause the body range products works like a miracle!

The registration starts at 10 am.


Yummy refreshments were provided before the session start. Looks like a heaven for those sweet tooth peoples..and thank you EH! Magazine for serving sushi too!


Miss emcee of the event...  
    Opening speech by the editor, Mr. Khairul Abidin

And the hands on session begin shortly after the briefing by Ms. Jenny Yap


A complete set of the Reine Blanche range. Cleanser, toner, scrub, serum, eye gel, moisturizer cream, sleeping mask, face mist and sunblock.

Happy attendees after the workshop 
Thank you so much EH! Magazine for organizing such an amazing event. Hope to have more interesting and fun events like this soon!

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Soil Erosion

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I was so shocked yesterday when my mom sent these pictures in family group Whatsapp. I didn't expected this could happened to my family...
It is raining season now in Malaysia and some states in Malaysia, especially the east sides were flooded.
My home was not being affected by the flood, but unfortunately...the soil erosion did!
Thank God my parents were not at home during the incident. 


Monday, 16 January 2017

Monday Blues Song

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Oh my!
So this gonna be my chilling music.

I feel so relax everytime I listen to this song.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Jangan Kau Lepas

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Ku takkan pernah tertawa,Ku takkan pernah bahagiaKu takkan pernah merasakannya Bila kau tak di siniKu takkan pernah tertawaKu takkan pernah sempurnaKu takkan pernah merasakannyaBila kau tak di sini

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