Thursday, 3 July 2014

My New Haircut for 2014

Posted by Farah Aziz at July 03, 2014
Lately I been making a few changes...Is it because of the aging factor or stress factor or what? Well..I really don't wanna know and I don't let me think about it!

During my parents last visit to KL, my mom asked me to cut my hair short. Hmmm...IDKW, she doesn't like me keeping my hair long since I was a little kid. Therefore, I did have a 'watermelon' shaped hairstyle during my childhood. 

And normally, when she asked me to cut my hair, I will say "No" (managed to say that since I was a teenager). But this time... I did take my mom suggestion positively. 

The next day after she said that, I went to a Ridzokumura Salon in USJ 1 recommended by a colleague o'mine named Vaani.

 Hmmm...I would say that this salon is quite famous coz I saw a lot of Malaysian celebrities posted their pictures & commenting about this salon on instagram.

I would say that all the staffs in that salon are so friendly. They greeted u from the moment u step in until u step out from the salon. 

Sue, the hairdresser entertained me. He was so shocked when I said that I need to cut short. "Yang...u tak sayang ke rambut u?" that is what he said over and over again...and he believe it or not, he did trembling when he cut my hair. Tak sampai hati katanya... hohoho

Sue helped me choose the suitable hairstyle for a new me as I was so blurred about the styles and wallaaa...the result is very promising! I love it!

So, for those who are looking a for good saloon, I highly recommend this salon. Confirm tak menyesal... Make a call for appoinment before u go there tau?


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