Saturday, 28 June 2014

Bourjois in Malaysia

Posted by Farah Aziz at June 28, 2014

What is that? 
It sounds like France Language... is a French word, OBVIOUSLY!

Ok..cut the crap now, will u, Farah? Neither we are here to talk nor learning French lesson. Let's talk about beauty product, shall we?

a French Cosmetics product named Bourjois has officially launched in Malaysia and Sunway Pyramid is the pioneer branch in Malaysia to sell this brand. Hoooraaayyyy... I'm so excited because I love shopping at Sunway Pyramid (despite of finding a parking).

I managed to step into the kiosk today. Thought having a window shopping at the brand, but at the end, I bought 2 shades of their famous Little Round Pot Blush. Siggghhhh... 

So...these are my first ever Bourjois item that I bought in my life...

In the shades of Rose Coup de Foudre (16) and Rose de Jaspe (95).

Thanks to the friendly salesgirl who worked there. She's so knowledgeable too..I learned a few tips of makeup from her today. Sharing is caring..right? 


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